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Dairy Project Registration Form


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    1. Muskegon County Fair -- Dairy Project Registration Form

      Form deadline is June 15th of current fair year.

    2. Instructions:

      Complete all required entries on this form by due date. Form is VOID if mandatory Livestock Registration Fee of $20 has not been submitted by March 1st of current fair year.

    3. Age as of January 1st current fair year.


      Complete the following fields according to project.

    5. Class: Junior Bull Calf

      March 1 (current yr.) to May 31

    6. Class: Junior Heifer Calf

      March 1 (current yr.) to May 31

    7. Class: Intermediate Heifer Calf

      Dec (previous yr.) to Feb 29 (current yr.)

    8. Class: Senior Heifer Calf

      Nov 30 (prev yr) to Sept 1 (current yr)

    9. Class: Summer Yearling

      June 1 (prev yr) to Aug 31 (prev yr)

    10. Class: Jr. Yearling Calf

      March 1 (prev yr) to May 31 (prev yr)

    11. Class: Winter Yearling Calf

      Dec 1 (prev yr) to Feb 29 (prev yr)

    12. Class: Senior Yearling Heifer

      Sept 1 (prev yr) to Nov 30 (prev yr)

    13. Class: 2-Year Old Cow

      September 1 to August 31

    14. Class: 3-Year Old Cow

      September 1 to August 31

    15. Class: 4-Year Old Cow

      September 1 to August 31

    16. Class: Aged Cow

      Five years and older before Sept. 1



      Use the current year’s fair book to complete this section. Classes should include market, showmanship and record book.